Hail Soup

Hail Soup and Summer 2014, Day 2

Hail yeah?  There was a whopper of a storm today. “A TERRIFIC storm,” some might say.  Heads nearly rolled! Tattered tomato plants, the potatoes even worse. Battered squash. Shredded corn leaves. Some carnage.  Matter of factly, Pachamama served up a sumptuous bowl of hail soup, as the garden reeked of decimated dill and mint and onion.…

Sugar Snap Pea, Carrot – Potato Salad with Fresh Dill and Capers

Sugar snap peas … fresh out of the garden yesterday inspired me to make this quick, lovely vegan salad. With a small, freshly pulled red onion and plenty of fresh cut dill, I was nearly set. These classic flavors are just perfect together. Potatoes are steamed until very tender, sweet carrots just a few minutes, so…

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Diving into Flowers

I’ve been headfirst, head over heels, diving, diving into flowers. Sometimes, beautiful food-for-thought, or maybe more accurately food-for-the-heart is so delicious I forget about what’s for dinner. Like today. I am totally engulfed by their beauty! and diving in…completely… immersed and saturated, floating in light and color.